Knitted for a purpose (Fearfully and Wonderfully Made) EST. 1980

AC0E181D-B2F3-4E4D-B611-9A3B832EA51CFor you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there was none of them. Psalms 139:14-16


Most women you talk to would probably tell you growing up or today that they are definitely daddy’s girls but for me, I am a great grandma’s girl here’s why…

As a child I grew up going to my great grandmother house the entire childhood, this included summer breaks, weekends, holidays birthday, you name it. I knew if I was there I would get my way on things I knew I couldn’t get at home. I was spoiled rotten without an expiration date. My great grandma stayed in this small city called Brighton Alabama, you know the town where everybody knows your name, like the show “Cheers” lol.  Growing up  my great grandma would always introduced me  as her grand baby rather than her great grand baby and all her friends would call me her “Pink Big ma “because her name was big ma and I was a little version of her. Every time I would visit her, her friends would remind me a million times that if it wasn’t for my great grandma I wouldn’t be here. I was almost aborted due to unforeseen circumstances, I entered in this world way to early, yes I was a premmie and I almost die due to salmonella poisoning after leaving the hospital. When I was younger it was insignificant at the time but as I got older and begin my walk with God the story became very significant and made me want to seek my purpose in life. It made me want to know the reason why he kept me not once but three times!  See my great grandmother wasn’t  just a great grandmother, she was a praying  great grandmother, she was always finding ways to use her hands to help anyone! She prayed for me consistently when I came home from the hospital , she encouraged my mother to keep me despite of any circumstances. I thank God for using my great grandmother on this earth. I wonder what’s your significant purpose in life?  I did some researching on people that actually fulfilled their purpose and was known to generation to come. The example was set for us in the Bible and spilled out for generations to generation!!  Let’s take Martin Luther King Jr. Did you know that he tried to commit suicide after his grandma passed away, but God kepted him because he had use for him on earth.  Now can you imagine anyone else other than Martin Luther King, demonstrated marching for freedom, standing up for equal opportunity and seeing segregation come to end. He definitely had his share of hardship and pain but guess what he didn’t stop until it was finished. I’m pretty sure he was scared but guess what we know who Martin Luther King Jr is today! To the mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather , coworker, friend, boss or whatever your role is,  you may think your purpose here on earth is insignificant but it’s not! If you still have breath, God still have a plan or a plan already in place that you do daily and haven’t realize the importance of  it! What you’re doing now or will do is God way of using what he knitted so beautifully in your mother’s womb to fulfill his purpose for your life and on this earth as promised ! 🌈  🌎


What’s your purpose in life? Are you making a difference in the lives of others? Do you know your purpose?  Do you feel the tug of war with your soul? Are you just existing? Are you parting the way for the next generation?


PS. We Got Work to Do!!!!! Let’s Do Life Together!!! ❤️

Are you a Chain Breaker or Are you a Guard in a maximum security facility?(Freedom)


Never become bitter, never waste your pain. Learn to build something wonderful but oh so beautiful that you can look back and decipher why it had to happen that way!!! Sometimes you can become broken but its not enough power to break you. Give yourself time to reflect but refuse to give into self pity. Pull yourself together, gather your composure, Dust yourself off and just know that this is only temporary. Understand that growth produce pain and life lessons provide wisdom but just know that you will see a future that didn’t dictate your past transgressions!! I want you to feel the chains loosen with each step you take. You’re not meant to give up but only to stay strong and undefeated! I want you to feel the lock gradually unlocking as you keep moving!! I want you to give your mind, heart, soul and your thoughts a check up! Then get intentional with what God gave you, which is NEW LIFE EVERY SINGLE MORNING and when you look back over your life you’re going to be able to distinguish between the old you and the new found you!!!! Now I want you to watch those chains start to Release! Release! Release!

PS: I see those rusty chains breaking off and you’re starting to look amazing!!!!

What do you need to break free from? Where are you being held captive to in your life? Are you free yet? Are you a chain breaker or a guard in a maximum security facility guarding all that need to be released?


Shelivespurposely 💕

Are You Ready or Not?

4570E7B1-3C4D-481B-87AE-666AE7F275DAShe seek completeness to ensure she can become a suitable helpmate (Proverb 31 woman stand up!)

I remember watching a friend for years take off to enjoy herself traveling, working a full time job in leadership while seeking her career in real estate, enjoying her son, family gathering , hobbies,  becoming financially fit, taking control of her mind spiritually, mentally and physically all in her singleness. She was always grateful for the little things and gave unconditionally.  She didn’t know it but her husband was right in front of her the entire time. When we prepare ourselves and pour into our own soul, we better equip ourselves to enter in a heathly union. I remember jumping from relationships to relationships feelings broken each time. I would feel incomplete, unhappily and lost. I can really say my relationship were definitely broken.  I knew my soul was yearning for more. I never took the time out before entering another relationship to truly get my priorities in order and enjoy the things that make me the person I love FIRST!  I knew I had a purpose but couldn’t recognize it or even begin to figure it out due to everyday life problems that kept my mind distracted from my destiny, my purpose and my true identity.  I knew I was never prepared in my relationship to truly say I was complete and ready to say I do!!! Whew!!! I have been single for years now and I remember always express my deepest desire to be married. I would magnify and idolize the idea of being someone wife until I did some heavy researching and just being around married couples. I realize I’m not at all ready and I didn’t want to go in unprepared. Today I’m preparing myself and I’m thinking less of marriage. The more you focus on being complete within yourself, the person for you will surface out of nowhere! Now If you reading this post feeling you’re stuck and not sure how to prepare yourself. Write down or journal if you would, situation that you’re not satisfied about in your life. Then write down solutions to fix those things, keep them in plain sight and excute with true intentions!!! My list was long but I see progress and that’s all that counts at the moment. Listen, I want you to step into your next relationship completely ready, confidence and with purpose!!!! However the case my friend is now happily married with two additional kids and I have watched her grown even more in her marriage. She prepared and positioned herself for such role when she was single and when the day came, she stepped in completely. Her husband knew she was a suitable helpmate and God did too.

Are you seeking completeness even if  you want to be married or not. Are you preparing for whatever opportunity that opens up? Are You Ready or Not?

Shelivepurposely 💕


Pregnant with Purpose(9 months Left)

Disconnect yourself to all of the distractions!! Release yourself from what’s  holding  you hostage. You are a destiny slayer, focus on your destiny. Get up, get focus and accomplish your goals. Prepare, position and launch yourself to make these last 9 months your best months!!! Remember you can’t take on other people feelings when it comes to your own personal goals, dreams, vision or purpose. This is your destiny and no one else. Learn to take feedback and also learn to leave it when it doesn’t apply. Ultimately you are the carrier of your own torch!! You are equipped, trained and capable of such task. You are called for greater. You were designed for a particular purpose that need to be fulfilled in you, through you and out of you. The world needs what you have to give, so please recognize your worth, love yourself and what you do because everybody is someone but NO ONE CAN BE YOU! Start finding solutions to to problems that causes you to stumble, fear, doubt and most importantly procrastinate. Wake up everyday with affirmation that you can and you will. Tell yourself that it’s nothing to lose but everything to Gain. The World is yours and you have the Authority to BE BOLD, THINK BIGGER, BE UNSTOPPABLE and leave the best impact you ever can imagine Destiny Slayer. Believe in your heart that you have what it takes, you made the right choice and from here on every door that opens without a key was meant to be!! Believe in your mind that you are ready at the right time and there’s no turning back. Release your fears, drown the voices of reasoning and silence your naysayers. Put your  time and energy into what drives your passion, that fire, creativity and your curiosity. A CONFIDENT PERSON always look up, never looking down and SMILES when the world offers a Frown. Know your worth, value your time and most importantly hold truth to what you believe in as well as doing. I think you’re special and I know you live with purpose!!

Your Truly,





Matter of the Heart

(Matter of the Heart) Take care of yourself before you can take care of others! Feel yourself releasing every thought that cross your mind that doesn’t connect with your soul. Ask yourself if it’s worth adding value to your life, time and energy!! It’s the matter of the heart that’s in question. Remind yourself that no matter what happens you are meant to feel, hurt and grieve but not meant to continue to carry all that with you to your new found territory. Release the familiar and pick up the unfamiliar. Take chances, overcome rejection and conquer all your adversity, this just means you’re headed somewhere instead of nowhere! Continue to reach up after you been pushed down. Continue to speak even if no one is listening. Continue to press forward not negatively looking back but to only gauge once to see how far you have come. Here’s to a new and beautiful beginning!! Celebrate yourself!! You deserve it! Let’s get it!!!! ##selflove #newday #newyear #godchild #destiny 6A6205A9-070A-40AC-AFCA-F73B4610AFBB#newbeginnings #writing #motivation #motivationalspeaker #motivateyourself #matteroftheheart #breatheagain